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‘1000-LB Sisters’ Fans React As Amy Slaton Shows Off New Man

Admin By Admin Nov28,2023

Amy Slaton is proving she is all about new beginnings as she shows off her new beau!

Fans had a field day celebrating the “1000-Lb Sisters” star when she took to social media to show that she has moved on following the collapse of her marriage to Michael Halterman earlier this year.

Amid the happy mood, some fans could not help taking a swipe at Halterman for not taking better care of his now-estranged wife.

Gleeful Fans Drag Michael Halterman After Amy Slaton Unveil’s New Man 

On Monday, Amy shared a series of photos on social media, revealing to her followers that she is now romantically involved with Tony Rodgers. In the post, the new lovebirds are seen smiling from ear to ear while posing for a selfie, snuggling, and spending quality time together at various locations.

Some of the pictures also depicted Tony spending time with the reality television star’s two young kids — Gage Deon and Glenn Allen, whom she shares with Halterman. Amy emphasized how seriously they were taking their relationship, writing “A&a 4ever” in the accompanying caption.

The image collage clip garnered attention from fans, earning more than 78k likes and thousands of comments. “This is prime “if he won’t do it, someone will”,” one viewer explained in the comment section, as another declared, “Uh oh! Amy done left the dead weight and got her some CHOCOLATE! Loving this for you! Glad to see you’re happy!!!” 

At the same time, a third raved, “I’m not gonna lie, I’m rockin with this real hard! I can see how genuine it is 🥰🥰 I’m rooting for y’all!” while a fourth person claimed, “Once you go….. y’all know the rest 😂 poor Mike,” and a fifth asserted, “just from these pictures he looks like a more involved dad than Michael.”

Other tongue-in-cheek comments about Amy’s ex read, “Michael is watching this punching the air 👊🏼💨,” “Mike somewhere screaming, crying, throwing up 😭,” “Micheal sliding down the wallllll,” and “I can see Micheal biting them crusty dusty fingernails.”

Eight months before the TikTok post, the Deputy Clerk for the Union County courthouse confirmed to E! News that Michael had filed for divorce from Amy on March 13. The couple, who tied the knot in March 2019, had separated less than a year after Amy gave birth to their son, Glenn, in July 2022.

Despite the brief duration of their marriage, Amy could not be happier that she has two children to dote on and share the rest of her life with. As she disclosed during an interview in January:

“The best part is getting to see them interact with each other and get to know each other. The worst part is when I’m home alone with the two of them and they both start crying at the same time. I don’t know which one to give my attention to first.”

The YouTuber also admitted that Gage was adapting to his new role as a big brother, stating, “Gage is learning how to be a big brother. He loves to teach Glenn how to do things or he’ll feed him. It all depends on his mood.”

The Mother-Of-Two Showed Off Her Artistic Talents To The Public Earlier This Year

In August, The Blast reported that Amy got fans excited about a new aspect of her talents which focused on her creative side. On her Instagram page, the 35-year-old shared a carousel of paintings that she created through arts and crafts.

The first slide highlighted a flat surface divided diagonally with blue and pink colors and accentuated by silver glitter. In the next slide, viewers were treated to a more fluid composition in horizontal form, featuring unique shades of blue and brown. 

Amy maintained her creative stride in the third snap, presenting what appeared to be a pink moon against an entirely black background. The painting also contained blue-ish hues in the moon and some sparkles. In the caption, the television personality gushed, “Art therapy going great!! Here my finished work.” 

As one would expect, her followers were all in support of Amy’s creativity and they expressed it in comments, with this person exclaiming, “You should sell these!! They are so pretty!!! that’s so cuteeeee!”

Similarly, others dubbed the artworks “beautiful,” “awesome,” “amazing,” and “inspiring.”

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