1EdTech and Common Good Learning Tools Launch Major Upgrade to Database of State Learning Standards

LAKE MARY, Fla. – 1EdTech® Consortium and Common Good Learning Tools announce a partnership to launch CASE® Network 2. CASE Network 2 is a significant upgrade to the current CASE Network that provides access to K-12 learning standards in a digital format. 

The ultimate objective of CASE (1EdTech’s Competencies and Academic Standards Exchange® specification) is to make it easier, more accurate, and less expensive for edtech suppliers to align resources and tools with state and district academic standards, therefore allowing educators to find resources that better support their needs. Before CASE, academic standards were usually officially published in PDF format, forcing institutions and edtech suppliers that needed machine-readable standards to perform time-consuming manual work or use proprietary formats. This increased costs and made it difficult to ensure fidelity (especially when standards were updated). 

Now, every issuing agency can author machine-readable CASE versions of their standards using their own CASE publishing tool, allowing each agency to retain complete control over the source of truth for their standards and make this source of truth freely and openly available. The CASE Network serves a key function in the CASE ecosystem, providing a single access point for edtech suppliers to pull standards issued by agencies anywhere in the U.S. and access revision histories of those standards.  

“The updated CASE Network 2 provides a much richer database of standards, including the four core academic subjects (math, language arts, science, and social studies) for all 50 U.S. states,” explained Dr. Rob Abel, 1EdTech CEO. “This progress would not have been possible without the work of Common Good Learning Tools in conjunction with a dedicated set of 1EdTech members representing state departments of education, school districts, and leading edtech suppliers.”

Common Good Learning Tools will host CASE Network 2 using their Standards Satchel CASE publishing tool. In addition to the inclusion of Science and Social Studies frameworks for all states (the original network included only ELA and math), CASE Network 2 is improved by Satchel’s modern web app UI, which includes AI-powered search, improved framework update reporting, and a smartphone-friendly responsive design.

“Our mission is to build learning tools for the common good,” said Pepper Williams, President of Common Good Learning Tools. “We are pleased to have the opportunity to deploy CASE Network 2 using our Standards Satchel product and take over the important work of maintaining and supporting the CASE Network going forward.”

CASE Network 2 is available for everyone to browse and search without the need to sign in at casenetwork.1edtech.org. Additional functionality, including API and download access to the machine-readable CASE data for all frameworks, is available to edtech suppliers, educational institutions, and non-commercial entities that request Registered Access to CASE Network 2. Edtech suppliers are asked to pay a nominal annual fee to support the network; educational institutions and non-commercial entities can register at no cost. 

For more information, visit: https://www.1edtech.org/program/casenetwork2.

About 1EdTech

1EdTech is a member-based non-profit community partnership of leading education providers at all levels, government organizations, and edtech suppliers who collaborate to accelerate an open, trusted, and innovative digital learning ecosystem. We power learner potential by creating the foundation for a learner-centered and future-ready ecosystem where products work together to improve teaching and learning for all.

1EdTech hosts the annual Learning Impact conference and other engagement opportunities to advance the leadership and ideas that shape the future of learning. The 1EdTech Foundation, an affiliated public charity, puts philanthropic funds to work in support of 1EdTech’s vision. Visit our website at 1edtech.org.

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