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Al Pacino’s Girlfriend Noor Says Marriage Is Not On The Table

Admin By Admin Nov29,2023

Hollywood legend Al Pacino‘s girlfriend, Noor Alfallah, has spoken up about possibly tying the knot with “The Godfather” star.

The 29-year-old revealed that she is not the marrying type, suggesting she is okay with being the actor’s baby mama.

The two welcomed a son, Roman, back in June before putting in place a custody arrangement that requires Pacino to pay $30,000 in child support every month.

Al Pacino’s Girlfriend Is Not The ‘Marrying Type’


There are currently no plans for Al Pacino to get married to his baby mama, Noor Alfallah, despite having been in a relationship for over a year.

A news outlet shared that the female producer isn’t eager to get hitched as she is “not the marrying type.” However, she did admit that she still loves the 83-year-old Hollywood veteran, contrary to recent rumors that she was tired of his eccentricities.

Apart from rumors about a breakup, the pair made headlines with regards to the custody arrangement for their kid, Roman, whom Alfallah welcomed in June. It was reported that Pacino chose not to fight for custody and agreed to pay for his son’s welfare while Noor remains in primary custody, the insider shared.

According to The Blast, the amount agreed upon was said to be around $30,000 per month after an initial $110,000 upfront. The actor would also pay $15,000 per year for his son’s education fund, along with other perks.

Al Pacino’s Friends Are Worried About Him

Robert De Niro & Al Pacino at the 25th Annual Critici's Choice Awards

After the custody agreement, there were reports that Al Pacino’s friends were concerned about the actor’s decision to comply with his girlfriend’s demands, believing it might not be in his best interest.

Certain sources suggested that the custody arrangement could be a tactic by Alfallah to extract more money from the actor, exploiting his past struggles with depression and making him vulnerable to potential manipulation.

“His friends are all so worried,” one insider said. Adding, “He’s an extremely vulnerable guy.”

One source at the time also claimed that Alfallah had stopped being intimate with Pacino, claiming that the star was more of a “father figure” to his girlfriend than a lover.

“Intimacy is apparently off the menu, though, and has been for months,” the insider shared about the duo’s relationship. “He’s more of a father figure, a provider, and companion to her at this point.”

Al Pacino & Noor Alfallah’s Relationship

Alfallah and Pacino have been linked since 2022, and the 29-year-old made her Instagram debut with Pacino in April as she posted a picture of them visiting a friend’s art gallery in New York.

“My friend Bennett Miller has an exhibition of new prints produced using a DALL•E image generator. Go check it out!” read the caption of the photo Alfallah posted about the April event.

However, both of them have not addressed their romance publicly. Despite this, they have been captured together in various photographs, fueling rumors about their relationship. One such image was taken in June while the duo were enjoying a drive in Los Angeles, as reported by People magazine.

They were seen on a date night in Beverly Hills in the subsequent month. Pacino opted for a black blazer and matching trousers atop a pair of cool sneakers. Meanwhile, Alfallah went for the same color combo, consisting of a black silk shirt, leggings, and heeled leather boots.

Noor Alfallah Was Previously Linked To Mick Jagger & Nicholas Berggruen

Al Pacino's Baby Son's Birth Certificate Reveals Surprising New Details!

Before being associated with Pacino, Alfallah had reportedly been linked romantically with Mick Jagger and billionaire Nicholas Berggruen. Her penchant for older men led to speculation that she was a gold digger. However, sources close to her said that was not the case, per Page Six.

“She’s a very decent, good person,” said a source, while another said, “She is very positive and not an opportunist,” adding that Alfallah loves old people and finds them interesting to be with.

Another insider said, “She is a good girl with an old soul, but she has a spirit that is very youthful. She is fun. A guy in his 70s or 80s would feel young around her. She has a generosity of spirit.”

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