Astonishing moment woman gives birth on a plane: Stunned passengers look on as medics aid to rush mother-to-be…before emerging with tiny newborn

  • Footage from plane show paramedics walking through plane carrying baby 
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This is the moment stunned plane passengers looked on in awe after paramedics helped a woman give birth while she was onboard the aircraft. 

Footage from the plane, filmed earlier this month, shows a paramedic – believed to be Turkish – briskly walking through the plane carrying the baby. 

Moments earlier, a group of paramedics had walked onto the plane to rush to the mother-to-be as the passengers cheered their arrival. 

Passengers can be seen craning their necks to look at where the mother and the paramedics are at the back of the plane, and chattering excitedly.  

One passenger can be seen collecting small items of clothing and heading to the area where the mother gave birth, while a flight attendant can be seen walking away from the crowded area. 

Moments later, one female paramedic can be seen carrying the baby – now wrapped in blue cloth – to the front of the plane. The baby does not appear to be making any noise.  


A paramedic is seen carrying the newborn baby towards the front of the plane 



Passengers were seen looking behind them as medics (right) arrived onto the plane 

It is not currently known where the plane was flying to, but it is believed to have been filmed in Turkey because the language on the back of the medics’ uniforms is Turkish. 

It’s not clear if the woman gave birth while the plane was still in mid-air, before take-off or after landing

Mid-air births are incredibly rare. Medical support firm MedAire reports that they occur in roughly one in every 26 million passengers. 

Dr. Paulo Alves, the company’s global medical director, told Condé Nast: ‘In-flight childbirth is very, very rare, and when you review the cases they were unexpected—these were premature babies. 

He added that giving birth in mid-air comes with its own challenges.

‘It’s not the best place for you to have your child, for many reasons. For one thing, the air is thinner, so it’s harder for the baby to breathe. It’s like giving birth to a premature child in Mexico City, altitude-wise.’

On top of this, the likelihood of there being specialists on-hand to help with the birth is exceedingly low, meaning that complicated procedures like C-Sections are near impossible to undertake, even if they are necessary for the safety of the mother and the baby. 



Medics were seen arriving onto the plane to the cheers of passengers

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