Bangladesh undergoing the worst ever dengue outbreak: Key points | The Times of India

A densely populated country in South Asia, Bangladesh is currently suffering because of a severe dengue outbreak. The dengue fever is a mosquito-borne viral infection transmitted by the Aedes mosquito and is turning into a grave danger for the people infected and residents of Bangladesh. Currently, it is not just the infected people who are suffering but also the healthcare system of the country, with hospitals filled to the brim and many not getting beds for treatment. This 2023 outbreak is severe, and resembles the 2019 one a lot but only this time it came back worse.
As reported by Dhaka Tribune, “On September 29, Bangladesh witnessed the number of dengue cases surpass 200,000. Subsequently, in the next 51 days, dengue-related hospitalizations soared to over 300,000, highlighting a substantial increase of over 100,000 cases within a relatively short time frame.”
Dhaka Tribune further noted, “With 1,554 fatalities reported this year, the highest death toll in Bangladesh’s history since the first detection in 2000, the country is also struggling to control the number of deaths. Notably, deaths due to dengue peaked in September 2023, with 396 fatalities in a single month, an unprecedented occurrence in Bangladesh.”

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