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Britney Spears Deactivates Her Instagram Account… Again!

Admin By Admin Nov27,2023

On Sunday night, pop star Britney Spears stepped away from Instagram.

It is unclear why the 41-year-old pop star deactivated her Instagram account, but it comes as her younger sister, Jamie Lynn Spears, continues to open up about her relationship with the pop star on the British reality series “I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!”

Britney Spears Deactivated Her Instagram Account On Sunday Night!

Instagram | Britney Spears

On Sunday night, fans who tried to view photos or videos on the pop star’s Instagram page were greeted with a message that read, “Sorry, this page isn’t available. The link you followed may be broken, or the page may have been removed. Go back to Instagram.”

It is unclear if it has anything to do with her younger sister competing on the British reality TV series “I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!” During the latest episode, the 32-year-old actress told Radio DJ Sam Thompson that Britney, 41, would “be worried” about her competing in the Australian outback.

“I think she’s probably checking in on me heavily,” Jamie Lynn said. “I do think she’s probably like, ‘Why would she do that?’ She asked me that before I came here, she was like, ‘You’re really going to do it?’ I was like, ‘I’m going to go to Australia and check it out.’” She added, “She’d probably be like, ‘Ya’ll get her the f— out of there, right now!’”

Jamie Lynn Spears Receiving Death Threats

Jamie Lynn went on to call the pop star a “good big sister,” adding,  “I love her. Me and her throw down. The world’s seen that. I’ve learned to stop talking about it publicly, but you know what, family’s fight. Listen, we just do it better than most.”

Sam, 31, agreed, adding, “Everyone’s got stuff they argue about all the time.” Jamie Lynn agreed, reminding him, “Me and her both have had a very complicated upbringing.”

“We’ve had very complicated circumstances and we both had to deal with them in different ways. Sometimes we took it out on each other when perhaps we shouldn’t have,” she continued. “I’ve been the one person in her life — and she can say this — I’ve never taken anything from her, you know? I’ve been the one person in her life who’s always said, ‘I just want to be your sister.’ ”

“We just had a really weird life so we can’t explain it to many people, but at the end of the road I know that that’s my family, I love them,” she added.

Jamie Lynn Spears Says ‘I Love My Sister’ While Competing

In yet another episode, Jamie Lynn said, “I love my sister,” even though Britney recently recalled how Jamie Lynn was a “total b—-” to their mother in her memoir, “The Woman In Me,” which was released on Tuesday, October 24, 2023.

The “Zoey 101” star recalled how she had looked up to Britney when she was younger. “When it came to my sister, even if I felt anything, if anyone said anything I was ready to go,” she recalled. “I was like, ‘Don’t talk about my sister. She’s the best.’”

In another episode, Jamie Lynn claimed that the “Toxic” singer was “heartbroken” when she lost the Best New Artist Grammy at the 2000 Grammy Awards to her “The Mickey Mouse Club” costar Christina Aguilera.

Mulan - World Premiere

Jamie Lynn’s campmate, “Made in Chelsea” alum Sam Thompson, explained how he lost at the British Podcast Awards earlier this year, which prompted the discussion. “Want to hear about something really embarrassing that happened one time?” Jamie Lynn asked her costars. “It involves my sister. She was up for her first Grammy. It was her and Christina [Aguilera].”

“Britney was clearly the bigger star of that year, she worked her a– off,” Jamie Lynn continued. “They had MTV camera crews at home watching our family, because it was like a no-brainer, she’s winning. And she’s there and she lost.”

“What did she do?” Thompson, 31, asked.

Britney Spears

“She was at the awards show, she was at the Grammys,” Jamie Lynn explained. “I was so young, I was probably like 8 or 7 or something. I just remember being like, ‘This is c—.’ ”

“Christina won it, and by the way remember Christina was wonderfully talented, but that year, I mean come on, let’s be honest, ‘It’s Britney, b—-’ like always.”

“She was really like, ‘I don’t ever want to go to the Grammys.’ She was heartbroken about that because her whole life had been dedicated to winning that.”

To date, Britney has one Grammy – Best Dance Recording for “Toxic” – and has received eight Grammy nominations overall.

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