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c tipped to become an NBA legend by former star

Admin By Admin Nov25,2023

Anthony Edwards can become an all-time great, according to JJ Redick. The former sharpshooter believes the Minnesota Timberwolves star has all the natural talent required to leave a lasting legacy in the NBA. 

Redick’s comments came during a recent episode of his “Old Man and the Three” podcast. Edwards has been earning praise from around the league in recent months, first for his performances at the FIBA World Cup and then for his hot start to the new season.

“A player we should have mentioned when talking about potential all-time greats, and I mean this, is Anthony Edwards,” Redick said. “Because I think the thing we’re talking about right now …That guy has it. He has it. He has the talent, but he has it. If you ask anyone around him, and they’re like, ‘Maybe it’s not this year. Maybe it’s not next year. This guy could be a top-five player.'”

In 15 games so far this season, Edwards is averaging 26.7 points, six rebounds, and 5.1 assists, shooting 46.1% from the field and 37.5% from three-point range. 

He’s also a primary member of the top-ranked defense in the NBA. Edwards is proving himself capable of being a lead star on a team with aspirations of being a contending roster.

Edwards will need to keep proving himself in the coming years. It’s one thing to be a dominant regular-season player, but you need to do it in the postseason if you truly want to be seen among the best in the league. That will take some time. 

It’s unfair to expect Edwards to be a playoff star in his early ventures into playoff basketball. However, it’s clear he’s more than capable and, over time, could be the star player on a championship team.

Redick’s comments aren’t far from the mark. Edwards’ has everything needed to create a lasting legacy in the NBA. All he needs now is the little bit of luck that helps every NBA champion along the way. 

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