Drake’s ‘Scary Hours 3’ trailer has fans hyped

Drake fans are still reeling from the release of his new music video First Person Shooter, which dropped yesterday, but they’re already buzzing about his latest announcement: a trailer for a new album called Scary Hours 3.

The trailer, which was released just hours ago, features Drake rapping over a dark and atmospheric beat. The lyrics are cryptic, but they suggest that the album will be a continuation of Drake’s popular Scary Hours series.

Fans have been quick to react to the news on social media, with many expressing their excitement for the new album. Some have even speculated that it could be Drake’s best work yet.

“Drake is on a roll right now,” one fan tweeted. “I can’t wait to hear Scary Hours 3.”

“This is going to be epic,” another fan added. “I’m already counting down the days.”

It’s no surprise that Drake fans are so excited for Scary Hours 3. The previous two installments in the series were both critical and commercial successes, and Drake has only gotten better with time.

With the release of First Person Shooter and the announcement of Scary Hours 3, it’s clear that Drake is at the top of his game. His fans are already eagerly anticipating his next move, and it’s sure to be something special.

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