Excision and Kai Wachi Channel Tom Cruise's "Tropic Thunder" Rage in New Song: Listen

You’re going to want to make sure you have headphones on when you listen to this one in public.

In 2021, two of the hardest-hitting names in dubstep joined forces for the bone-crushing “Demisaur.” Now, as both artists have climbed to new heights in the genre, Excision and Kai Wachi have reunited for an aggressive callback to their early releases, “F.Y.U.”

Calling upon Tom Cruise’s character from the 2008 action-comedy film Tropic Thunder, the track begins with an outburst of profanity that prepares us for the chaos that’s about to ensue. Stripped-back and heavy as hell, the duo merged a gritty bassline, grating synth and mechanical growls with over-the-top vocal samples that call back to the days of listening to early dubstep mixes on YouTube.

“F.Y.U” by Excision and Kai Wachi is out now under the former’s Subsidia Records banner. You can listen below and find the new collaboration on streaming platforms here.


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