‘Frightened’ Meghan Markle uses wardrobe to hide ’emotional conflict’

Meghan Markle reportedly fears how the media will handle her comeback

Meghan Markle’s wardrobe choices have reportedly been telling of her upcoming career move as the former actress is often seen wearing neutral colours. 

According to royal style expert Miranda Holder, while speaking to Express.co.uk, the Duchess of Sussex seemingly took an unexpected route of keeping a neutral colour palette despite having revealed in her Netflix documentary that she could not opt for bright colours when living with the royal family. 

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“Despite Meghan famously announcing in her Netflix documentary that she only wore neutrals during her time as a Royal as a bid to blend in, the Duchess has somewhat surprisingly remained faithful to a sartorially safer colour palette of beiges, creams, blacks and whites in recent months,” Holder said. 

This, along with Meghan dropping major hints for her comeback indicated that she likely wished to play it safe given her ‘current predicament’ as she did not want to face the media’s scrutiny. 

“It’s a little unexpected, as following her statement, I think we all expected the Duchess to be sipping out in a rainbow of vivid hues and making the most of her newfound freedom on the wardrobe front, but it’s quite the opposite.

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“These tones definitely suit Meghan, but she looks great in the brights too, as she has proven on numerous previous occasions, so why is she staying in her sartorial safe zone?

“Personally, I think it indicates a very relatable conflict of emotions with Megan’s current predicament. On one hand, she yearns to be back in the spotlight, adored by the public and forging ahead with exciting new projects and on the other, behind that radiant smile, she is understandably very frightened about just how she will be received, not only by the public, but more crucially by the world’s media.”

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