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Halle Bailey’s Latest Instagram Post Stirs Up Controversy

Admin By Admin Nov26,2023

Actress and singer Halle Bailey is once again stirring up controversy about a possible pregnancy after her latest Instagram post.

The “Let It Shine” star recently took to Snapchat asking fans to leave her and her boyfriend, DDG, alone regarding pregnancy rumors. “If I see one more person say something about my nose one more time, it’s gonna be h— to pay,” she stated in the video.

Halle Bailey’s Latest Post Stirs Pregnancy Rumors Again


Her most recent post once again got fans talking as “The Little Mermaid” actress shared a photo from over the weekend, wearing a black fur coat and knee-high black boots. Her body was seemingly covered, though many fans still flooded the comments section, speaking on the pregnancy rumors.

“Don’t comment on the pregnancy please, it’s being addressed lol,” one fan wrote.

“A part of me secretly wants her to NOT be pregnant so that y’all will have wasted all of these months of y’all lives worried about something that was NEVER your business in the first place,” another commented.

Pregnancy rumors first surrounded the real-life Disney Princess after she shared a photo collage on social media months ago. That post included photos of herself in a purple swimsuit. The photos seemingly covered her stomach and belly area, prompting fans to believe she is pregnant.

“Y’all so obsessed with this girl. It’s not y’all business if she with a child or not! Why y’all feel like y’all obligated to know ‘The Little Mermaid’ [actress’s] business,” another one of Bailey’s fans commented on her recent post.

Meanwhile, one fan pointed out, “Yo, the engagement her post gets because of the pregnancy debates must be astronomical.”

“At this point, she [is] just playing with everybody’s emotions with these outfit choices. If she wasn’t pregnant, she’d be showing off that hourglass shape body just like all the other ladies in attendance,” another user wrote.

That fan continued, “I just wanna know if it’s a boy or girl and y’all know if DG got anything to do with it that name choice about to be wild #allJokes #AllFun.”

Halle Bailey Addresses Pregnancy Rumors

Halle Bailey's Boyfriend Rapper DDG Disses Her In New Song For Kissing Onscreen

Halle Bailey had enough of the pregnancy rumors as she snapped at fans last weekend, telling them to leave her alone.

The 23-year-old actress took to Snapchat, asking fans to leave her and her boyfriend, DDG, alone. “If I see one more person say something about my nose one more time, it’s gonna be h— to pay,” she stated.

“And you know why?” she added. “‘Cause I am black. I love my nose.”

Although she is seemingly hinting that she isn’t pregnant, fans couldn’t help but notice that in the video, she only showed her face and nothing below the chest area.

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“[What are you] concerned about my nose for? Leave me the h— alone!” she said in her post.

That Snapchat video was not the first time she clapped back at fans for the rumors. Days before the Snapchat video, the Disney actress shared a photo dump of her in a pool as she laid up against the edge, which (once again) hid her lower half.

“Minding my business…wbu?” Bailey captioned the post, seemingly telling her fans to “mind their business” regarding her personal life.

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