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Hollywood Screenwriter Uses Ingenious Tactic To Get Film Noticed

Admin By Admin Nov29,2023

A Hollywood screenwriter just used the most ingenious idea to get her new film noticed by big shots in the industry.

Laura Maggiore decided to literally wrap herself and her contact information on the front of a building on Sunset Blvd, on a corner where some of the biggest stars drive on a daily basis.

The billboard was erected on the 8000 block of Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles, a place surrounded by offices and houses of the rich and famous.

“The Next Blockbuster Script,” the message reads on the billboard alongside her name and contact information. As you can see, the images are plastered on the entire front side of an office building in Hollywood.

Screenwriter Erects Billboard On Sunset Blvd. In Hollywood To Sell Movie

The Blast

If you are not from the area, you should understand that this area and street are traveled on by movie giants like Steven Spielberg and honchos like the CEO of Netflix. Also, for the younger generation, it sits right beside Doughbriks Pizza — owned by YouTube star David Dobrik.

If you look closely, she even included a QR code for people interested in hearing about the movie.

So did it work?

Well, we’re told Laura is currently receiving a number of inquiries from streaming services and producers interested in meeting with her, however, she is very selective with whom she will work with to produce this film alongside her as she recognizes the profound gravity of this screenplay.

A representative for the screenwriter tells The Blast, “She initially conceptualized the idea and premise shortly after her best friend passed away in 2019 as a segment of the inspiration for the screenplay was derived from surrounding variables. It has been quite a journey for Laura to arrive at this pivotal point as she was previously challenged with a series of health issues such as celiac and Lyme disease yet she turned her pain into purpose.”

We spoke to Maggiore, who says, “During the last few years, I started jotting down on my phone any striking circumstances that unfolded in my life or others, or while traveling and accumulated and combined them in my notes and then selected what I might include in the screenplay. I organized everything into categories such as the sequence, scenes, settings and lighting, morals, topics, details, and characters and then selected what made sense for each scene to help tell the story more effectively.”

Hollywood Screenwriter Uses Ingenious Tactic To Get Film Noticed By Producers
The Blast

She added, “I believe this film will be a beacon of hope for others and has the ability to reshape the cultural narrative and pave the way for a more unified nation. It is based on a groundbreaking topic. I know that in the right hands, this screenplay could become monumental. It’s critical especially in this business to align with people of similar nature and pursuits. This would be an opportunity for us to change the world for the better and impact others in a positive and greatly significant way.”

As for the exact nature of the film, it apparently is being saved for those in-person producer meetings.

Bottom line, it was a very interesting idea considering most of Hollywood’s writers are coming off of a massive strike.



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