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Is a two-state solution for Israel and Palestine still possible? | Israel-Palestine conflict

Admin By Admin Nov26,2023

International calls grow louder to pursue a two-state solution to the Israel-Palestine conflict.

The current Israel-Palestinian conflict has seen 47 days of air attacks on the Gaza Strip, nearly 15,000 Palestinians killed, 1,200 Israelis dead, and continuing raids and arrests by the Israeli army in the occupied West Bank.

There has also been an increase in Israeli settler attacks on Palestinian communities throughout the occupied territories.

Is now really the best time to restart discussions about the elusive two-state solution for Israel and Palestine?

International calls have begun to grow louder to pursue this. But what are the red lines for both sides, and what would a return to the 1967 borders look like in reality?

Presenter: James Bays


Alon Liel – Former director general of the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs, a former Israeli ambassador to South Africa and formerly part of an Israeli campaign to advance recognition of a Palestinian state by other governments

Phyllis Bennis – Fellow at the Institute for Policy Studies and international adviser to Jewish Voice for Peace and author of, Understanding the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict: A Primer

Mustafa Barghouti – Secretary-general of the Palestinian National Initiative and a former information minister for the Palestinian Authority

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