Is this Language Learning App Worth it?

We’ve tried plenty of different language learning apps over the years to help make our travels easier, and they vary from great to good to mediocre.

In this review, we check out Promova, a new to us language app.

Is it the ultimate ticket to fluency or just another layover on the journey to language mastery? Let’s find out.

Our Promova Review: Is it Worth it?

Before we jump into the pros and cons, let’s take a quick look at how Promova works.

Download the app on Google Play or the AppStore.

With over a million downloads, the app rates a 4.6/5 on Google Play, which is a really good start.

Pro tip: You can also learn on the Promova website, if you prefer, but I really preferred the ease of using the app on my smartphone.

Promova app on Google Play for download

First Impressions

Promova’s interface is clean and intuitive, a fresh departure from cluttered designs we often see.

Navigating between sections is smooth, making it easy for beginners and tech-savvy folks alike.

Here are the languages you can learn with Promova:

  • English
  • Spanish
  • Arabic
  • Chinese
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Korean
  • Ukranian

You can learn a language with guidance in several language options. For learning Spanish, I was offered the choice for my core language to be English, Arabic, French, or German.

How does the Promova app work?

When you first start up, Promova offers an initial assessment to gauge where you’re at in terms of language proficiency and interests, which is a nice touch. It takes less than a minute to run through.

The app also asks how much time you want to put towards using the app each day.

From there, Promova then curates a learning plan for you, mixing vocabulary, grammar, and real-world examples. The lessons are bite-sized and progress in difficulty. The audio feature is helpful for getting the pronunciation right, although it’s not always spot-on in recognizing errors.

You can continue to use the app without signing in, which is nice, or you can create an account with Google or an email address. To save and track your progress properly, you need to create an account.

Course Structure

What makes Promova unique is its course structure.

Unlike a typical language learning app that jumps right into common phrases, Promova builds from the ground up. You start with individual words, then sentences, and eventually conversations. The natural progression feels less like a chore and more like leveling up in a video game.

I chose to learn Spanish on the app. Promova’s first lesson was nice and simple – basic vocabulary, and then a simple practice session.

Promova Spanish learning selecting In the Fruit Basket course

After that, it was more practice, matching the English word to the corresponding one in Spanish, followed by practice typing the missing letter in a Spanish word.

There’s continual feedback along the way, and cute characters offering positive, encouraging feedback. Because I took my first lessons around Halloween, the characters were Halloween themed.

Promova app Spanish In the fruit basket lesson competed

Grammar and Syntax

Promova takes a different route by integrating grammar rules seamlessly into lessons.

This is a breath of fresh air for those of us who find standalone grammar modules tedious. By learning the why’s along with the what’s, you gain a well-rounded understanding of the language.


The personalization feature caught our eye. The app adjusts the difficulty and content based on your progress and areas of interest. For instance, if you’re into food, expect lessons built around culinary themes. This is a game-changer for some, making the learning experience engaging and relevant.

It obviously quickly figured out I’m a food fan, as my first lessons were all focused on food – “What’s in your salad”, “What’s for dinner”, and “Eat like a king”.

Promova personalized Course selections for food learning spanish

I really liked that you can jump around a bit in the course – you don’t have to take the next lesson in exact order, which made it a lot more interesting for me.

Even better, you can change your learning level on the fly, accessing lessons in Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced.

Promova select Beginner Intermediate or Advanced in the app

Real-world Application

Promova has a ‘Street Smart’ section with modules that prepare you for real-world interactions.

Be it asking for directions or ordering a cup of coffee; these modules have you covered. They even provide cultural tips to navigate social norms – a feature often overlooked but extremely helpful.

Language learning with Promova

Audio and Pronunciation

Audio quality is crisp, and the Promova app allows you to toggle the speed, which aids in comprehension and pronunciation.

Personally, I found the voice recognition software in English and Spanish to be accurate, highlighting errors and helping you correct them in real-time.

Are the ads annoying in the free version?

You’ll see occasional ads in the free version, but I never found them annoying or intrusive.

Ads popped up for me when I went to access a new lesson later on in the course.

Promova watch ad to unlock lesson

English Tutors

In addition to being a typical stand-alone language learning app, Promova also offers instruction from English tutors.

You can learn in either the more affordable group lessons, or with private tutoring lessons. Group lessons are held in Google Meet.

Group classes cannot be canceled or refunded. However, you can reschedule a group class up to 24 hours before the scheduled start time.

The private lessons are crafted around individual interests, which is a plus. They boast that their technology enhances learning effectiveness, although it’s hard to measure the impact. It’s a viable choice for those seeking a flexible schedule to improve their English skills, yet it may not offer a remarkable learning journey.

For one-on-one English tutors, you can learn in three lesson durations of either:

  • 25 minutes
  • 50 minutes
  • 90 minutes

I really love the idea of a shorter duration of 25 minutes, as I find that I get a bit overwhelmed in longer classes with live tutors.

Promova app English tutors

Free English Conversation Club

One of the perks I thought was helpful was the Free English Conversation Club, which is held once a week for 60 minutes on Zoom. It’s a free online meeting for learners, over Zoom, in small groups.

Pricing – Is Promova free or paid?

Promova offers a free version, but to unlock all features, you’ll need a subscription.

You’ll also see occasional ads in the free version, but personally I never found them overly annoying or intrusive.

The free plan also only lets you learn one language at a time.

Prices are reasonable compared to other premium language apps. They also offer a 14-day money-back guarantee, which allows you to test the waters without overly committing.

Premium app plans

For the premium app plans, you can choose a few plans:

Trial week

For the trial week, the cost is:

  • 1st week $6.99,
  • then $29.99/month
12 week plan

For the 12 week plan, the cost is:

  • 12 weeks $39.99,
  • then $49.99/12 weeks (or $3.33 per week)
1 month (monthly) plan

The cost for the 1 month plan is:

  • 1 month $19.99,
  • then $29.99/month (or $5.00 per week)

Important: You must cancel at least 24 hours prior to the end of the introductory period, or you will be automatically charged the full price of 49.99$ every 12 weeks until you cancel in the app settings.

Group lesson pricing

Group lessons cost from $4.99 for a 60-minute lesson.

One-on-one personalized English tutor pricing

Costs vary for English tutor lessons, depending on session duration (25, 50, or 90 minutes).

Costs are as follows:

25 minute lessons

  • 4 lessons $65.99 per month
  • 8 lessons $103.99 per month
  • 12 lessons $131.99 per month

50 minute lessons

  • 4 lessons $103.99 per month
  • 8 lessons $175.99 per month
  • 12 lessons $239.99 per month

90 minute lessons

  • 4 lessons $131.99 per month
  • 8 lessons $239.99 per month
  • 12 lessons $339.99 per month


The app currently supports only a limited number of languages. If you’re keen on learning a less common language, this may not be the app for you. Also, we experienced occasional glitches, such as the app freezing or the audio not syncing, but these were rare.

Isla Mujeres

Final Thoughts: Promova Review

Promova offers a holistic, personalized, and practical approach to language learning. It cleverly mixes elements of grammar, vocabulary, and cultural understanding. It’s not just about learning to speak; it’s about learning to communicate.

Promova seems to be on the right track. Its intuitive design, real-world applicability, and strong emphasis on progression make it a worthy contender in the crowded market of language apps. While it has some room for improvement, it gets the essentials right, offering a valuable tool for anyone looking to learn a new language.

So, is Promova the ultimate ticket to language fluency? It may not get you there alone, but it’s a fantastic co-pilot on your journey.

Happy learning!

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