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Jamie Foxx Is Still ‘Struggling’ After Mysterious Health Crisis

Admin By Admin Nov28,2023

Months after suffering a medical crisis that’s been a mystery to the public, Jamie Foxx is reportedly still in recovery.

Despite his happy posturing on social media, sources close to the iconic actor say friends are worried that he’s not fully recovered and is “struggling” privately.

In this regard, Foxx has dropped out of hosting a game show with daughter Corinne Foxx.

Sources explained the decision comes from Foxx not wanting to “overdo” his health and body. Amid his recovery, the actor was recently sued for sexually assaulting a woman at a New York bar in 2015, which his reps have denied. 

Jamie Foxx Is Still ‘Struggling’ From His Health Crisis

Instagram | Jamie Foxx

Months after Foxx’s family announced that he’d suffered a health crisis, the actor has returned to sharing happy moments of his life with fans on social media. Despite the positive outlook, insiders recently claimed that Foxx is still suffering medically but keeping it private.

Despite how active Foxx has been on Instagram, he has yet to announce that he’s stepping down as host of the game show “We Are Family.” The actor was meant to co-host with his older daughter, Corinne Foxx, but the duo will now be replaced by Anthony Anderson and his mom, Doris Bowman.

The decision to drop out of the game show is reportedly a clear sign that Foxx is far from fully recovered. One source said, “Jamie pulling out of another project has friends worried that he hasn’t recuperated as well as everyone thinks. He’s struggling, but Jamie has been very private about what happened and his recovery.”

Jamie Foxx Is Taking His Time To Heal

Jamie Foxx at World Premiere Of Netflix's 'Day Shift'

According to the insiders, despite being eager to return to his work duties, Foxx knows he needs more downtime. They said, “In the end, Jamie wasn’t ready to add hosting a new game show to his schedule. He’s being very careful regarding his health issues.”

The source explained that Foxx is being careful not to “mess with the progress he has made” medically. The insiders also shared that Corinne is disappointed about losing the game show gig but completely understands that the “They Cloned Tyrone” star “had to put his health first.”

“Jamie hasn’t had any major setbacks recently, still he doesn’t want to overdo it. He feels better than he has in months — and he owes that to ongoing physical therapy. Jamie doesn’t want to risk anything if he doesn’t have to. He’s got a birthday coming up on December 13 and says he wants to celebrate many more,” the source added.

Jamie Foxx Kept His Health Scare Private 

Jamie Foxx Instagram video
Instagram | Jamie Foxx

Ever since Corinne broke the news about Foxx’s health crisis, the family has kept any information about his health status extremely private. At the time, Corinne took to Instagram to reveal that her Dad suffered from a “medical complication” while working on Netflix’s “Back In Action” but received fast treatment from “good hands.”

After that, a few reports shared that Foxx spent several weeks recovering at a Chicago rehab facility, which specializes in traumatic brain injuries and strokes. Even the actor’s close friends and family revealed that they had no idea about the details of the medical crisis.

When Foxx finally returned to social media in July, he shared no details about the crisis except to assure fans of his return. He said, “I did go through hell and back. My road to recovery had some potholes as well, but I’m coming back.” He’s since made multiple posts about his return to film projects and personal time with family.

Jaime Foxx Sued For Sexual Assault

Jamie Foxx 51st NAACP Image Awards

Amid the news of his recovery and reduced workload, Foxx was recently sued for alleged sexual assault. The woman, who remained anonymous in the suit, alleged that the “Robin Hood” actor sexually assaulted her at a New York rooftop bar in 2015.

In the suit, a woman identified as Jane Doe claimed that Foxx led her to a secluded area of the rooftop lounge, then rubbed her breast and groped her privates against her will. A security guard allegedly witnessed the incident but failed to intervene, and Foxx only stopped when one of her friends came over.

Foxx has denied the accusations in a statement released by his reps. It read, “The alleged incident never happened. In 2020, this individual filed a nearly identical lawsuit in Brooklyn. That case was dismissed shortly thereafter. The claims are no more viable today than they were then. We are confident they will be dismissed again. And once they are, Mr. Foxx intends to pursue a claim for malicious prosecution against this person and her attorneys for re-filing this frivolous action.”

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