Karma: woman wins $150,000 from lottery after good deed

Briana Mills holds her lottery ticket. — Virginia Lottery
Briana Mills holds her lottery ticket. — Virginia Lottery

Coincidences happen, yes, but as the saying goes: good things happen to those who do good deeds.

Briana Mills, a woman in Virginia, United States, was waiting in line to pay for her groceries last week. But that’s what people do every other day.

However, Mills saw that a customer, who was in front of her in the line, was apparently having trouble paying for her groceries. She helped that person and paid for her items, according to the Virginia Lottery.

While she was leaving the store, Mills bought a Virginia Lottery scratcher ticket.

The good deed paid off. The Strike It Rich ticket turned out to be $150,000.

To make it memorable, Mills spotted a rainbow in the sky. She took a photo of her winning ticket with the rainbow in the background.

However, it isn’t clear what Mills will do with her winning money.

In another instance, a Fairfax man, Alexandr Pichshev, made a spontaneous decision to purchase lottery tickets while at a local Safeway store. This decision led to an unexpected $5 million windfall.

Pichshev scratched his $326,000,000 Fortune ticket and discovered he had won the game’s top prize. He was thrilled and immediately showed the winning ticket to the store manager for verification.

Pichshev faced the choice of receiving the full $5 million prize in annual installments over 30 years or a one-time cash payout of $3,125,000 before taxes. He opted for the instant cash option.

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