Kevin Costner finds solace with Jewel after divorce from Christine Baumgartner

Kevin Costner forgets Christine Baumgartner, breathes into tropical bliss with Jewel at Necker Island.

Renowned actor Kevin Costner has been spotted basking in the sun this week as he takes a beach vacation at Virgin Group Founder Richard Branson’s Necker Island.

An individual named Jewel along with other celebrities, such as Emma Watson and Michael Bolton, joined him for a ‘sandy shore break,’ occasionally engaging in a friendly game of tennis or other recreational activities.

The star seemed to be embracing this positive outlook on life rather than slumping on the conclusion of his 19-years-long marriage with Christine Baumgartner, which made roaring headlines in October.

A close source revealed that he was happily chatting with guests about his upcoming movie projects, and even treated the attendees with a sneak peak of his latest movie Horizon: An American Saga that is set to be released in June 2024.

Other than this, Costner made the most of his tropical paradise getaway by signing up for scuba diving and sailing. Dinner gatherings featured him rubbing elbows with Jewel, high-profile friends, and notable tennis players Mike Bryan and Genie Bouchard.

His divorce from Baumgartner met an end last month by both of them adhering to their prenuptial agreement. Although Jewel’s identity remains undisclosed, it’s said that the Hollywood big shot is spending time with this person as he forgets his bitter legal battle.

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