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Kraft Mac and Cheese Is Going Vegan. Where to Buy ‘NotMac’

Admin By Admin Nov29,2023

Kraft is offering a new version of its iconic Mac & Cheese, but it’s missing a key ingredient.

The company is releasing its first-ever vegan alternative to the iconic boxed pasta dish.

The new product, called “Kraft NotMac&Cheese,” uses a dairy-free substitute — a vegan cheese made from fava bean protein and coconut oil powder, the company told CNN — instead of Kraft’s notable yellow cheese.

The company told CNN it has a “similar taste, look and feel to dairy-based mac and cheese” and was made in partnership with the plant-based food company, TheNotCompany.

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Courtesy of Kraft Heinz Company | The box of the new NotMac&Cheese.

Kraft NotMac&Cheese comes in original and white cheddar flavors, according to a company press release.

The product costs $3.49 per box and is set to roll out in stores nationwide starting now through early 2024.

Plant-based product sales grew to $8 billion in 2022, which is up by 44.5% from three years prior, according to the Plant-Based Foods Association.

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However, the industry struggles with repeat buyers, Numerator data shows, as less than 30% of plant-based mac & cheese buyers make repeat purchases due to texture and taste.

“Those who tried animal product alternatives once or twice but did not continue said taste was the biggest reason. This was highest for the dairy milk alternatives,” said Vice President of Total Wellness at NIQ, Sherry Frey, told CNN.

There’s no word yet on if the new vegan option will live up to the real deal.

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