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'largest' batch of aid sent to northern Gaza since war began – SUCH TV

Admin By Admin Nov25,2023

The Palestine Red Crescent Society (PRCS) said on social media that it has delivered a convoy of 61 trucks carrying aid assistance to “Gaza and the North governates”, calling it the largest such delivery since the war began on October 7.

Another in the dwindling list of Gaza hospitals has emptied its wards and halls, with the Indonesian Hospital in northern Gaza announcing that it has been completely evacuated.

Ashraf Al Qudra, the Gaza Health Ministry spokesperson, made the announcement on Saturday, adding that the remaining injured are also being evacuated fro m the Al Shifa Medical Complex, Gaza’s largest hospital.

“The medical aid that entered the Gaza is insufficient and is much less than what was entering previously,” Qudra told reporters, saying that the trickle of aid Israel has let in after ending a total blockade still falls far short of what the over 2 million Gazans need.

He warned that “the health situation in the Gaza Strip is very bad, extremely disastrous.”

“There are no health facilities,” Qudra said, noting that “only three hospitals are operating with very limited capabilities in the northern Gaza, where about 900,000 people live.”

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