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Lorraine Kelly lands in trouble after ‘body-shaming’ Nigel Farage

Admin By Admin Nov29,2023

Lorraine Kelly said, ‘I thought he was a hell of a lot older than that. That is astonishing’

Lorraine Kelly is facing 354 Ofcom complaints over accusations of ‘body shaming’ Nigel Farage.

The 63-year-old TV veteran received backlash after witnessing the former politician, Nigel, 59, naked in the shower, deeming the episode aired on Monday the 20th as ‘traumatising.’

She further criticized his appearance, expressing her ‘astonishment’ at discovering he’s only 59 and asserting that he ‘got the face he deserved.’

During a conversation with former MP and TV star Edwina Currie and showbiz reporter Lucie Cave on Tuesday’s show, Lorraine reacted to Nigel’s age, saying, ‘Is he only 59??!

I thought he was a hell of a lot older than that. That is astonishing. You get the face you deserve thankfully. You really do.’ Nigel’s team has sent a legal letter to ITV, claiming a violation of an ‘indecency’ clause in his contract, which supposedly prohibits the channel from airing footage of him nude in the I’m A Celebrity jungle shower.

His lawyer argued that the agreement had been broken after millions of viewers saw his bottom.

Three days later, additional scenes of the Brexit Party founder, who is earning £1.5 million for his participation in the show, were broadcast of him naked in the bath.

ITV confirmed receiving the complaint but asserted that there is nothing in Mr. Farage’s contract preventing them from showing him naked.

They have yet to respond to his team. Many of Lorraine’s viewers believe that Lorraine would not make the same comments about a woman. One viewer wrote: ‘I’m not a fan of Nigel, but Lorraine, that comment was below the belt. You never would say that about a woman #Lorraine’.

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