Meghan Markle may conditionally appear on Real Housewives

The former actress has openly admitted to liking the reality television show

Meghan Markle has reportedly crossed off another opportunity for her big comeback after it emerged that the Duchess of Sussex was not interested in being part of the Real Housewives.

According to publicist Mayan Riaz, while speaking to The Mirror, the Duchess of Sussex’s past interest in the show did not mean that she would be joining Bravo for the reality TV show owing to her “current status and commitments” as a royal.

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“The likelihood of Meghan appearing on a Real Housewives show as a cast member [is] unlikely. While she may have expressed interest in the past, her remark about no longer craving other people’s drama suggests that she may not consider it a priority.”

However, Riaz said that the Suits actress reportedly may keep her options open as she may be up for a short on-screen appearance considering her high-profile circle of friends.

“Meghan has high profile celebrity friends. If one of them were cast members, it’s possible she may make a one-off guest appearance. But it’d likely be drama free and perhaps a scene where she is catching up with the cast member over lunch,” she said.

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