My Dead Father Reached Out To Me Via A Psychic

Kim Kardashian recently opened up about her father, Robert Kardashian Sr., reaching out to her during a psychic session.

The reality television star, who has often ascribed to her belief in the power of mediums, disclosed the special memory of laughing at her dad when he manifested during a reading. The disclosure comes nearly a year after she appealed to Robert to appear to her in a dream amid what would have been his 79th birthday.

The Memory Of Her Dad Reaching Out Makes Kim Kardashian ‘Smile Inside’

Over the years, fans have become accustomed to seeing many aspects of Kim’s life play out on television. However, she managed to keep one part away from the spotlight due to how intimate and special it was to her.

That scene, as it turns out, was the connection she felt with her late father when he reached out to her during a session with a medium. Reflecting on the moment, the doting mother of four began: 

“My dad had a chip on his tooth and I always said, ‘Dad, get a bonding and fix that tooth.’ He’d just laugh and say, ‘Kimberly, no one sees it. It’s fine.’”

As luck would have it, when she went for her reading, she also had a chipped tooth, prompting the medium to convey a message, saying, “Your dad is laughing at your tooth.” It appears that the medium sensed a playful and lighthearted connection between Kim and her late father, Robert.

Focusing on the uniqueness of the tidbit, which was a well-kept secret, the former “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” star wondered during the GQ conversation:

“Who would know that? It was nothing that was on the show. It was nothing that I had ever said out loud. Those kinds of things just make me smile inside.”

Kim Kardashian Sharing Daddy’s Memories

While her approach to the memory seems lighthearted, the businesswoman had a different demeanor when Robert’s 79th posthumous birthday rolled around on February 22, 2023.

At the time, The Blast observed that she uploaded an avalanche of content — one picture and four videos — highlighting some of her best memories with her late dad. The caption elevated Kim’s emotions even further, as she penned:

“Happy Birthday Dad- it’s almost getting to the point where I’ve had to remember you longer than I’ve known you. Its been 20 years since we’ve celebrated your birthday here on earth. But I will take it because I had the best dad in the whole wide world and am so lucky I had 22 years with you! But I will take it because I had the best dad in the whole wide world and am so lucky I had 22 years with you!”


The Skims founder shared her sadness about her inability to tell and show the deceased attorney some news about her life, adding:

“I can close my eyes and hear your voice and remember the funniest little things about you that make me so happy. I’ll never ever let that go. I just really miss you and kinda need you right now. Please come to me in a dream soon. I love you so much happy 79th birthday! -Jouge.”

Fans Applauded Kardashian For Including Her Step Parent In Father’s Day Tribute 

The last time Kim shone the light on her dad was during this year’s Father’s Day celebration when she uploaded images featuring Robert, her step-parent Caitlyn Jenner, her siblings, and her mother, Kris. The slides started with an image of Robert, holding Kim and her older sister, Kourtney, in his arms while wearing a big smile. 

The second slide showcased the businessman, who died in July 2003 after battling esophageal cancer, dressed in a black tux as he stood next to the girls before Kim and Kourtney appeared in the next shot posing with Caitlyn, who also donned a black tuxedo, at the same event. 

The former Olympic decathlete showed up again in an older family alongside Kris, and Robert returned in the eighth frame, in an up-close, black-and-white shot of himself and Kim. Beneath the bittersweet photos, Kim gushed, “Best to ever do it! I wouldn’t be me if it weren’t for you two. Thank you. Happy Father’s Day.”

The Instagram post has since earned almost two million likes and over 4,400 comments from well-meaning fans and followers, including this one that read, “Love how u added Caitlyn. Such a big person fr.”

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