Mystery pneumonia cases rising in China: Should India be worried?

“It is too early to say whether the current infection can become a pandemic or not. WHO is already involved and is looking into the matter. What is most important is to keep following personal protection in the form of Tri PLY MASKS, frequent hand sanitization and social distancing,” Dr. Tushar Tayal, Consultant, Internal Medicine at CK Birla Hospital, Gurugram.

China has reported an outbreak of mysterious influenza-like illness mostly among children recently. Children are presenting with high grade fever without any other symptoms, requiring admission for management and radiological investigation shows lung lesions.

Common symptoms of any viral or bacterial infection are fever , with or without chills . There may be associated running nose , cough , SOB, vomiting and loose motions but it is not always necessary for additional symptoms to be there

There are numerous viruses such as Adeno virus, influenza virus , enterovirus , rhinovirus and Covid virus which can cause such symptoms . Additionally multiple bacteria and certain atypical bacteria’s such as spirochetes, leptospira which can present with fever and pneumonia.

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