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Netflix secures Kim Kardashian, Paula Pell, and Janine Brito’s ‘The Fifth Wheel’

Admin By Admin Nov27,2023

Kim Kardashian’s ‘The Fifth Wheel’ comedy package lands in streaming giant’s hands after intense pre-Thanksgiving bidding war.

Netflix emerges victorious in heated bidding war for The Fifth Wheel, starring Kim Kardashian and co-written by Paula Pell and Janine Brito!

After nearly a week of intense competition with five bids from both theatrical distributors and streaming platforms, the coveted comedy package has found its home on Netflix.

The battle narrowed down to three final contenders, and Netflix clinched the deal with a winning offer shortly after Thanksgiving. 

Kim Kardashian, along with co-writers Paula Pell and Janine Brito, was won over by Netflix’s proposal. 

Paula Pell is set to produce alongside Kardashian, and sources reveal that Kardashian has been actively involved in the sales process, personally delivering the pitch at each meeting. 

The studios are now eagerly aligning themselves for a chance to collaborate with the influential and dynamic Kardashian on this female-driven comedy venture.

In a whirlwind of creative synergy, the logline for The Fifth Wheel remains shrouded in mystery, but what’s clear is that Kardashian is set to headline the female ensemble cast. 

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