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Optical Illusion: Personality test shows if you have a sense of humor or value justice | – Times of India

Admin By Admin Nov29,2023

Here is a fun and colorful personality test that can reveal deep insights about your personality. It can also unveil specific details about your values, such as if you focus on social justice more or the power of joy, laughter and making this world a happy place. To attempt this test, all you need to do is take a quick glance at this image and note that you see first – a duck or rabbit.


(Image source: TikTok @mia_yilin/ ExpressUK)

The picture was shared on social media by optical illusion specialist Mia Yilin. Here is what you first see reveals about your personality.
If you saw the duck first, then you have a strong sense of social justice. You believe in rights, duties and responsibilities. You value people who do good deeds without hope for something in return. Mia said, “You always speak up for what’s right and will maintain mortality in any situation.”
You are also able to read people’s body language and identify those with negative vibes or dishonesty. Mia explained, “You’re highly detail-oriented and nothing gets past without you noticing it. This is why you can easily detect when people are lying or doing things behind your back.”


If you saw the rabbit first, then you are probably the funniest person in the room. You love making people laugh and lighten up the mood. Mia said, “You have an impeccable sense of humor. Your responses are always well-timed and super witty. You never fail to light up any room you enter and everyone loves being around you.”
It is important to adjust your humor when the situation is solemn or serious. Mia explained, “You often use humor as a shield to protect yourself from confronting past trauma and darker emotions because you hate feeling vulnerable.”

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