Prince Harry ‘cornered’ by King Charles, royal family

Prince Harry is being sidelined by King Charles III.

Prince Harry, who was treated as non-royal during his recent visit to the UK, seems heartbroken over the royal family’s persistent reluctance to heal rift with him.

King Charles, who celebrated his 75th birthday with his close aides and family members on Tuesday, did not invite his estranged son Harry to attend his big event.

However, some royal aides and commentators have warned the royal family that wounded Harry could reveal more details if he feels cornered by them after their latest snub.

The Duke of Sussex’s estranged relationship with his father, King Charles, and elder brother, Prince William, has deepened after cutting ties with them nearly four years ago when he and his wife Meghan stepped back as senior royals and relocated to the US.

There are also speculations that, Meghan Markle is writing her own tell-all memoir following in her husband’s footsteps. Meghan’s upcoming autobiography has already caused a stir among some senior members of the royal family.

Some royal experts have asked the King to heal the rift with the disgruntled royal, warning that the already fractured relationship, between the royal family and the Sussexes, will take the worst turn if it is not repaired in time.

Harry and Meghan have also been accused of leaking details of their recent “private call” with the monarch on his 75th birthday. Some see it as warning as the details of their conversation were published so quickly.

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