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Prince William’s character savagely teared down by Harry, Meghan’s pal

Admin By Admin Nov28,2023

Endgame takes fierce swipes at Prince William

Royal biographer Omid Scobie has appeared to take advantage of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s feud with Prince William to target the Prince of Wales in his new book. 

“Endgame” has shed light on Prince of Wales’s temperament behind closed doors as Scobie, who’s been dubbed as Meghan Markle’s “mouthpiece”, savagely teared down the future King’s character.

The book, released on Tuesday, has taken fierce swipes at Kate Middleton’s husband William’s character, but royal experts have slammed the allegations from Omid Scobie who is an “uncomfortably close contact with Meghan and Harry”.

However, William’s friend rose in his defence, dismissing Omid Scobie’s claims and accusing him of “peddling” conspiracy theories “dressed up as fact”.

Scobie allegedly appeared to support Harry and Meghan’s narrative and comments in his book as he claimed that the Prince of Wales is a different man behind closed doors.

The book also accuses William of having some of his father’s ‘spikey’ anger, making him ‘difficult to handle’.

The author says that a source confirmed to him that William can be “difficult to handle”.

Apparently, another source admitted aides would rather not be the one to give William bad news if they could avoid it.

Reacting to Scobie’s claims, royal historian Tessa Dunlop hit back at Scobie’s barbed words, as she told the Mirror: “Unfortunately no one appears to have briefed Omid, whose muck-raking book covers old ground: William is only in it for the Crown, ‘coachable’ Kate is a mere part-timer, while tawdry rumours of marital discord between the pair make Omid look no better than the tabloids he attacks.”

Dunlop went on: “None of this would matter but for that fact that the journalist has had uncomfortably close contact with Meghan and Harry in the past. A High Court testimony confirmed as much; ‘friends’ were briefed by the Duchess for Omid’s first book ‘Finding Freedom’.”

Scobie alleges that William’s “combustible anger” is most obviously demonstrated in Prince Harry’s memoir Spare, in which the duke details a confrontation during which his elder brother physically attacked him in 2019. The Waleses did not comment on Harry’s allegations in the book.

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