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Proton drive encrypted cloud storage now available for Mac users

Admin By Admin Nov24,2023

Proton, the Swiss privacy startup known for its encrypted email service ProtonMail, today launched its end-to-end encrypted cloud storage solution Proton Drive for Mac users. With the release of the Proton Drive macOS app, Mac users can now sync files securely between their devices and the cloud.

A privacy-first service

Proton Drive utilizes state-of-the-art end-to-end encryption to ensure that only the user can access their files and data stored in the cloud. Unlike mainstream cloud storage services such as iCloud and Google Drive, Proton Drive fully encrypts all user data and files before they leave the device, meaning not even Proton itself can access the decrypted contents. This provides Mac users an extra layer of security and privacy while using cloud storage.

“Proton Drive’s encrypted cloud storage is now available on all major platforms with the launch of our macOS app,” wrote Andy Yen, CEO of Proton. The post also points out that the company is not dedicated to any particular platform over any other being “platform agnostic” and “does not tie you to any specific hardware or operating system, and if you use Proton Drive, you can seamlessly move from one platform to another without losing functionality.”

The newly released macOS app allows users to seamlessly sync files between their Mac computer and Proton Drive cloud storage. Features include on-demand file syncing to save disk space, offline access and automatic backup of files saved in the Proton Drive folder, and easy recovery of previous versions of files. Users also get a real-time overview of sync status from the menu bar.

Proton Drive offers a free 1GB storage tier, with paid plans starting from $4/month for 200GB of encrypted cloud storage. Paid Proton users also benefit from advanced features like storing previous versions of files for up to 10 years automatically.

Featured image: Proton, CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons

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