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A man who tried to stop car thieves in Queens, New York after breaking into his SUV was killed on Wednesday.

Mauro Chimbay, 43, was in a local park and heard the alarm in his SUV. He went over to see that someone had broken a window and stolen an item out of the vehicle. After the thief got into a BMW, Chimbay jumped on the hood of the getaway car. The car sped away as he was trying to hang on, but was violently flung off. He died after suffering a major head injury.

Fox News reported:

A man who tried to stop thieves from stealing his car was violently killed on Wednesday after he jumped on the hood of the suspects’ getaway BMW before being flung onto the concrete, disturbing video obtained by the New York Post shows.

Mauro Chimbay, 43, had been in a Queens park playing volleyball when he heard the alarm to his parked Toyota Highlander SUV go off as a thief could be seen smashing through a rear passenger window and stealing a box, police said.

The harrowing security footage shows Chimbay and a large group of people running from Gorman Park, in East Elmhurst, to stop the car thief who can then be seen jumping into a waiting white BMW sports car being driven by another suspect.

As the SUV alarm rings out and the group converges around the BMW, Chimbay jumps onto the hood of the BMW and the driver hits the gas.

At this time, the police have not found the suspects and it is an ongoing investigation.

Chimbay had a wife and a daughter as told to the New York Post by his brother.

Watch (graphic warning):

Footage Obtained By The New York Post

Car theft and carjackings have become common in many areas due to lawless and leftist DAs along with complicit politicians.

The Gateway Pundit reported in September about a violent carjacking in Connecticut in a man’s garage who was violently attacked.

In September, a Norwalk, Connecticut man was followed home by two masked men who carjacked him in his own garage. The masked men stole his Aston Martin after forcing him out of the car. The victim shouted, “Stella, call the police now!”

The carjackers punched and shoved the victim before taking off with two stolen vehicles.


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