Real Estate Mogul Dubbed ‘The Lion’ Getting Hollywood Reality Show

A new reality real estate show is in the making, and it stars a housing mogul dubbed ‘The Lion’ for…obvious reasons.

We’re told Kristian Cuku is preparing to be the next real estate television star, showcasing the most exclusive and expensive properties in Los Angeles and abroad.

As you know, several successful shows are out there including ‘Selling Sunset’ and ‘Million Dollar Listing’ — but Cuku will focus on connecting Middle Eastern clients with real estate in the U.S. and European buyers looking to partake in the “West Coast lifestyle.”

The Lion’s XTRA Real Estate office is positioned in the heart of Hollywood, making it easy to attract the next L.A. elite real estate team — and people who are good for television! Also, Kristian is known for his off-the-record deals with celebrities seeking exclusive property deals, and we are guessing a few of them will be on the show.

His personal clients from Europe and the Middle East have a combined network of over $500 Billion. In just two years he has spearheaded transactions worth over $700 million, connecting European investors with the Middle East market.

A representative for Cuku tells us, “Transitioning from a celebrated athlete to a titan of real estate, Kristian embodies the essence of Hollywood’s spirit: unwavering determination and the relentless pursuit of perfection.” Adding, “Kristian’s legacy is built on a foundation of trust, where A-listers and industry titans turn for discretion and insight. His athletic discipline infuses his business acumen, ensuring that each client’s investment is pursued with the same vigor and precision as his training.”

Kristian Cuku

Netflix and other streaming services have recently made a killing from real estate television shows, while agents use the shows to feature their properties for sale.

Plus, several of them have split into new programming like ‘Selling The OC’ and offshoots of the original show.

“His vision extends to empowering the Hollywood market, ensuring it remains synonymous with opportunity and luxury. His role in transforming the skyline is marked by strategic foresight and an unparalleled understanding of what the elite seek in a home,” the rep concluded.

We’re told details of filming, and casting will be announced soon.

Real Estate Mogul Kristian Cuku Dubbed 'The Lion' Getting Hollywood Reality Show
Kristian Cuku



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