Rezz Teases 6 New Bass IDs, Confirms Collabs With VOYD, Subtronics, Blanke, More

If this is only the beginning of Rezz‘s “bass music era,” we’re all in for a wild ride.

Last week, the dance music superstar announced she has several new bass tracks on the way. While she’s always created music that lives under the general bass umbrella, she distinguished that the upcoming songs are not midtempo, but not necessarily dubstep.

On her personal X account, Rezz detailed the distinction.

Following this news, Rezz decided to let fans in on the production session and shared previews of six unreleased tracks. In the videos, you can hear her new take on the genre and spot some collaboration reveals.

When reading the project titles, you can see that the long-awaited collaboration with SVDDEN DEATH’s alter-ego, VOYD, is on the way as well as a new track with Class of 2021 star Blanke. 

In the comments, Rezz and her colleagues also alluded to collaborations with INZO and Deathpact, although those cannot be confirmed at the time of writing. However, not long after the videos went up, she shared one last surprise, revealing that she and Subtronics are currently working on the follow-up to the duo’s 2022 single, “Puzzle Box.”

“i’ll never stop ranting about how our style of chord progressions/ music theory fit so perfectly together,” Subtronics posted in response to Rezz on X.

At the time of writing, Rezz has not confirmed the release dates for her upcoming bass music IDs. In the meantime, fans will be able to enjoy “ALL NIGHT,” a collaboration with NGHTMRE and DeathbyRomy, this Friday.

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