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Samsung expands into AR with glasses trademark

Admin By Admin Nov27,2023

Samsung appears to be making a big bet on augmented and virtual reality technologies, with new trademarks and partnerships pointing to multiple device launches on the horizon.

According to a Nov. 24 report by Samsung news outlet SamMobile, the company recently secured a UK trademark for the term “Samsung Glasses,” covering product categories like augmented reality headsets, smart glasses, and virtual reality headsets. This suggests Samsung’s first AR smart glasses could be in development and potentially launch in the next few years.

The glasses are likely to compete with devices like Meta’s recently announced RayBan Smart Glasses and Google Glass in the enterprise market.

Details remain scarce, but the trademark indicates Samsung sees smart glasses and AR as an area ripe for expansion.

Now, Samsung has joined an increasingly fierce competition between Meta and Apple over the immersive devices market. One Meta employee commented on the situation in early October, noting that “we’re in the ‘afraid of Apple’ stage.”

In addition, Samsung is collaborating with both Google and Qualcomm on a high-end mixed-reality headset rumored to launch in late 2024. Earlier rumors suggested it was developing an independent XR headset, but sources now say Samsung rebooted development after viewing Apple’s $3,499 Vision Pro headset to create a more premium competitor.

Qualcomm has hinted at a next-generation XR chipset in the works that is more powerful than what the latest Meta Quest headset uses. Samsung’s device would likely take advantage of this newer chip technology, along with MicroOLED displays from the recent Samsung acquisition eMagin.

I this just two universes colliding in the AR/VR space?

With two parallel AR/VR projects in the works with industry heavyweights, Samsung seems primed to compete toe-to-toe with Apple, Meta, and Google as immersive technologies become more mainstream. Though launch timeframes remain fluid, the trademarks and partnerships suggest augmented and mixed reality hardware occupies an essential place in Samsung’s future device roadmap alongside its successful phone, tablet, and computer lines.

Featured Image Credit: New Samsung AR glasses trademark

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