Tristan Thompson Talks Jordyn Woods Hookup

Tristan Thompson is finally ready to take responsibility for the role he played in his relationship with Jordyn Woods.

During a new episode of The Kardashians, which started streaming on Thursday, November 16, Tristan, 32, told Khloé Kardashian he had major regrets about his past infidelity. More specifically, the athlete had time to reflect on how his makeout with Jordyn, 26, affected not just Khloé, 39, but her family as well.

“If someone told me, do you think Kylie [Jenner] misses Jordyn? I’d probably say yes. And I feel bad about that. Especially me being the older one,” he said. “I should have handled it differently. I should have handled it more as the older person. As the wiser [person].”

Tristan admitted that it took time for him to realize his mistakes, adding, “Sometimes for men they don’t realize until they are 40 or 50 when the train is already gone. Hopefully, my train hasn’t left.”

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The NBA player started dating Khloé in 2016, and they announced one year later that they were expanding their family. Days before their daughter True’s arrival in 2018, Tristan cheated on his then-pregnant girlfriend with multiple women.

Tristan Thompson Calls Out Problematic Power Dynamic in Jordyn Woods Hookup
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After initially staying together, Khloé and Tristan called it quits in February 2019 when he kissed Kylie’s former best friend Jordyn. (Jordyn was 21 and Tristan was 28 at the time.)

Us Weekly confirmed in August 2020 that Khloé and Tristan were giving their romance another chance. Less than one year later, they split again. The pair briefly reconciled in late 2021 before ending it for good.

News broke in December 2021 that the athlete was being sued by Maralee Nichols for child support. One month later, Tristan acknowledged that he is the father to the fitness model’s son, Theo, after requesting genetic testing. It was later revealed that Khloé and Tristan’s surrogate was pregnant at the same time, giving birth to their son, Tatum, in summer 2022.

In the aftermath of Tristan’s hookup with Jordyn, Kylie, 26, parted ways with her then-best friend.

The former friends reunited on multiple occasions earlier this summer. Before Jordyn and Kylie publicly crossed paths, Tristan sat down with Khloé’s youngest sister to finally address the drama.

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“It really bothers me because we had such a dope relationship. But everyone got affected differently. You were affected the most by the situation,” he told Kylie in Thursday’s episode. “You lost Jordyn who was a big part of your life. I know how much she meant to your life and your connection. You were two peas in a pod so the fact that I put myself into the situation wasn’t right and wasn’t smart.”

Tristan continued: “I want to say I am sorry. I feel bad about it. … The fact that I came with my poor decisions and being a f—king idiot who was young and stupid, I wanted to say I am sorry again for that.”

Kylie, who accepted the apology, said the situation changed her for the better.

“I think I was so codependent with Jordyn that I could never imagine my life without her. We would have probably still been living together. She needed to grow without me and I needed to grow without her,” she added. “Jordyn and I are cool. We still talk and catch up. We are good.”

Tristan subsequently asked Kylie to “relay” his apology to Jordyn as well before hitting the next stop on his apology tour. His trip to Kourtney Kardashian‘s house started off a little awkward when Tristan ran into 11-year-old daughter, Penelope. (Kourtney, 44, revealed in an episode from earlier this month that her dislike for Tristan rubbed off on her daughter.)

After sitting down with Kourtney, Tristan attempted to explain what led to him being unfaithful

“I was cheating for an action or for a feeling. But it also came down to not really knowing how to love. That’s the way I grew up,” he noted. “With therapy, I realized my childhood upbringing, I saw how my dad would treat my mom. As a kid when you see that, the trauma where you can’t protect your mom because you’re so young, you numb your emotions. It’s my defense mechanism.”

Tristan went on to share how therapy has allowed him to address his mistakes. “I never understood how to feel pain or emotions because the most important person in my life — even if she was treated terribly — was always happy,” he continued. “I have never seen a man treat a woman good. I have never seen a man not cheat on a woman. I have never seen a good husband.”

In response, Kourtney made it clear that she was still upset with Tristan for hurting Khloé.

“I don’t think you deserve Khloé. The actions that you have done is not something she deserves,” the Poosh founder said before a “To Be Continued” message appeared at the end of the episode.

Hulu releases new episodes of The Kardashians every Thursday.

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