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Tumblr ends Post+ feature, refocusing on core services

Admin By Admin Nov28,2023

Tumblr, the popular microblogging platform, has announced the discontinuation of its Post+ feature, a subscription service allowing creators to charge for exclusive content access. This decision, effective from Dec. 1, marks a significant shift in Tumblr’s strategy as it refocuses on its core functionalities.

Launched in 2021, Post+ aimed to empower Tumblr’s vast community of creators by providing a monetization avenue. However, the feature has fallen short of expectations. In a candid admission, Tumblr’s staff acknowledged that Post+ “didn’t land as we’d hoped,” leading to its phase-out after considering user feedback and usage patterns.

According to The Verge, this move comes in the wake of a leaked memo revealing Tumblr’s downsizing plans, following challenges in meeting usage and revenue targets. Matt Mullenweg, CEO of Tumblr’s parent company Automattic, has indicated a strategic pivot towards enhancing Tumblr’s fundamental features.

Despite Post+’s termination, Tumblr assures that existing content under this service will remain accessible until the end of the year, albeit marked as private from January 2024. The platform will also halt the creation of new Post+ content and cease charging subscribers.

Tumblr’s future now hinges on other revenue streams, including tipping, which remains active. However, Mullenweg expressed skepticism about the financial viability of Blaze, Tumblr’s sponsored post feature, citing its inadequacy in supporting the platform’s substantial operational needs.

As Tumblr navigates these changes, the online community and creators are keenly watching to see how the platform evolves and adapts to the dynamic digital landscape. The discontinuation of Post+ is a pivotal moment, signaling Tumblr’s commitment to recalibrating its strategy and focusing on what made it a beloved internet space.

Maxwell William

Maxwell William, a seasoned crypto journalist and content strategist, has notably contributed to industry-leading platforms such as Cointelegraph, OKX Insights, and Decrypt, weaving complex crypto narratives into insightful articles that resonate with a broad readership.

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