WATCH: Heinz clear tomato ketchup leaves netizens hungry for truth — is it real?

A video showcasing a fake Heinz Clear Tomato Ketchup, a seemingly transparent gel-like substance, has gone viral on social media, sparking excitement and curiosity.

The TikTok user who posted the video documented purchasing the product from a grocery store, emphasising its clear consistency by squeezing the bottle. The bottle’s label features a grey tomato instead of the usual red, adding to the illusion of the unique product.

The video quickly gained traction, amassing over 994,000 views on TikTok and surpassing 25 million views across various social media platforms. However, the excitement may be short-lived as investigations suggest that Heinz Clear Tomato Ketchup is not an actual product sold by the company.

Contrary to the viral clip, the product does not appear on Heinz’s official website or its verified social media accounts. The absence of any official announcement from the company further raises doubts about the legitimacy of the product showcased in the video.

Notably, the video lacks evidence of a designated Heinz Clear Tomato Ketchup section in the store, suggesting that the product may have been placed among regular red Heinz ketchup bottles.

Sportskeeda, a source investigating the viral video, concluded that the product is likely not real and might have been created by the video’s creator to generate online virality. The report advises netizens to verify such news through established news outlets to ensure accuracy.

This incident adds to a trend of fake products gaining attention on social media platforms. Examples include chocolate ketchup, Pumpkin Spice cola drinks, and chocolate-flavoured chips, highlighting the potential for online content to blur the lines between reality and fiction.

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