Will Ospreay credits Jon Moxley for enticing him to AEW

Jon Moxley unknowingly had a hand in enticing Will Ospreay to sign with AEW. The English-born wrestler was announced as the company’s latest addition during Saturday’s “Full Gear” pay-per-view but will remain with New Japan until his current contract has run its course. 

When speaking to the media after Full Gear, Ospreay recalled a promo Moxley had previously cut, noting how that planted the first seed of joining AEW in his mind. 

“There was a promo Moxley did ages ago, ‘It’s time to be a legend,’” Ospreay said. h/t to Fightful for the transcription. “At that point, I was like, ‘I want this. I want to go here,’ and while I’m here, I’m going to give everything I’ve got to this place. Not just for myself because I want to see if I’m that good, I want to give back. I’ve had this mad anxiety coming to America, this huge anxiety coming over here, and I’m willing to face that now, and I’m willing to try my best now.”

Moxley’s presence as a global name in wrestling helped raise the profile of AEW. Since joining, he has gone on to carve out an exceptional career for Tony Khan’s brand. To hear that Moxley, however inadvertently, helped put another star on the path to joining AEW will be music to the fanbase’s ears. 

This was supposed to be the game plan all along. AEW wanted to build stars from within, help elevate talent that had been marginalized elsewhere, and create an environment that enticed free-agent stars to join the ranks. Clearly, that plan is working. 

Even after the situation that saw CM Punk get released from his contract, AEW is still an attractive company to free-agent wrestlers. Ospreay’s addition follows the arrival of Adam Copeland, both of whom have signed since the Punk saga reached its conclusion. 

AEW is a company on the rise. Ospreay is the latest proof that they can attract the best available talent and compete with the juggernaut that is WWE. Now, they need to put their latest star in a position to keep on improving and attracting a new wave of fans. The future is exciting for AEW, and for wrestling fans around the world. 

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