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Sebastian Stan Tapped To Play Donald Trump In New Movie

Admin By Admin Nov29,2023

Marvel star Sebastian Stan has been tapped to play the role of a young Donald Trump in a new movie.

The Emmy nominee will portray the former President of the United States in “The Apprentice” — a new film from Cannes prize-winning Iranian filmmaker Ali Abbasi.

‘The Apprentice’ Will Star Sebastian Stan as Donald Trump


The upcoming film will “examine Trump’s efforts to build his real estate business in New York in the ’70s and ’80s, also digging into his relationship with infamous attorney Roy Cohn,” per Deadline.

Gabriel Sherman has been tapped as the writer for the upcoming film, who wrote the book “The Loudest Voice in the Room,” which inspired Showtime’s limited series The Loudest Voice.”

Sebastian Stan is best known as Bucky Barnes/Winter Soldier in MCU projects such as “Captain America: The First Avenger.”

Donald Trump Currently On Trial In New York

Sister Of Former President Donald Trump Found Dead In Apartment

This news comes as the former President is currently on trial as he was questioned for intentionally inflating his property and assets — in other words, committing fraud.

On October 25, during court, Michael Cohen, Donald Trump’s former lawyer, and recent foe, was asked if Trump or Allen Weisselberg directed him to inflate the numbers, to which Cohen responded with, “Not that I recall.”

One of Trump’s attorneys, Cliff Robert, then asked for a directed verdict as he argued the key witnesses testified that the defendant didn’t tell Cohen to inflate the numbers. The judge denied the request, which is when the former President immediately got up and stormed out of the courtroom. The action forced the Secret Service agents to chase after him.

President Donald Trump Called Out By Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy

Volodymyr Zelenskyy Invites Donald Trump To Ukraine

A few months ago, the former president said he could “solve” the war in Ukraine in just one day if he were reelected as President. Trump also added that the negotiation process would be “very easy.”

“I would say certain things to Putin. I would say certain things to Zelenskyy,” Trump said at the time, adding that he’d “make a fair deal for everybody.”

In a recent interview, Volodymyr Zelenskyy challenged former President Donald Trump‘s offer to go to Ukraine and stop the war in a single day.

Donald Trump's Presidential Ambition Mocked By Former Aide: 'Hard To Run For President From Jail'

“Former President Trump said that about 24 hours, that he can manage it and finish the war,” Zelenskyy said during the interview. “For me, what can I say? So he’s very welcome as well.”

Adding, “President Biden was here and I think he understood some details which you can understand only being here. So I invite President Trump. If he can come here, I will need 24 minutes — yes, 24 minutes. Not more. Yes. Not more — 24 minutes to explain [to] President Trump that he can’t manage this war in one day,” Zelenskyy stated.

“He can’t bring peace because of [Russian President Vladimir] Putin,” Zelenskyy said.

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